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The Distant Thunder

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Harper McGoldrick

On the contrary to prior statements, Distant Thunder is now going to continue updating on the existing page instead of posting new editions every week. We will just be adding on to the content already present. This way all of our art will always be there and everyone can look back and see all we have accomplished. At the end of the year it will be nice to reflect and reflect at how much we all have grown as artists. A reminder that everyone is welcome to join The Distant Thunder! We are open to all of your art and we are excited to receive some awesome,diverse pieces. I hope to see you all contributing in some way, make it a goal of yours. Until next time, your editor. 

Meet the editor...

Hello North High and welcome to The Distant Thunder! My name is Harper McGoldrick and I am your editor. I am heavily involved in the arts community and decided to bring back a place where this can be appreciated. Here all are welcome! So, glance around and let us know what you think. You may find some people you have known your whole life have some of the most incredible talents. I am sure you have some too! If you are interested in being a part of this exciting journey be sure to fill out the form below or shoot me an email. If not, thanks for coming to explore the talent around your school. You might be surprised we have an awful lot of it. Hope to see you back at our next edition!

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