Photography by Christine Mcatee

The beautiful thing about photography is that it is universal, all people, even those who speak different languages and from different walks of life, get to experience and feel what the artist intended. Photography for me acts as a voice to share my passions and share the diversity of the world. One of the things I love photographing most is nature due to the beauty of its pure and raw state. It is easy to get lost in routine and through photography I am able to remind myself and hopefully others that there is more to life. 

One House, Multiple Seasons

photographed by Ted Wind 

Meet the first of our photographers:

Emma Butcher: I decided to take photography because I love art and wanted to learn the skill. I ended up loving the class. I also loved the process of going out and looking for photos to shoot. Most of the time my inspiration came from nature. I would drive around Sheboygan, and if I saw an object or a scene that made me feel and emotion I would pull over and take a picture. My style is very spontaneous, but I think that is what makes a photo special. For me, the purpose of a photo is to capture a moment and a feeling. Sometimes this means pulling over in the middle of a county road and walking up to some cows to take a picture. Sure it's just a cow, but taking pictures makes you take a closer look at the simple beautiful things in nature. This semester was the first time I even picked up a camera and I'm so glad I did. I have learned so much and am excited to learn more and develop my skills. I hope you enjoy my work and will maybe see more soon.

Ted Wind: My name is Ted Wind and I am a sophomore. I've always loved the arts but it wasn't until middle school when I got into photography. I started out with a regular camera and I got pretty good at it, but after a while I got sick of it. This was around the time that I got my first drone and I absolutely loved it. It was a twenty dollar piece of junk but I loved it to death. That's when I decided to combine these two passions and got my first photography drone, the Parrot Bebop 2, it was a big step up from my first drone but still was nothing special. I took photos whenever I could but they were too low quality to do anything with. That's when I decided to save up for a quality drone. I sold the Bebop 2 and got the DJI Mavic Pro. It's a really high quality drone that takes stunning 4K photos and videos. I started off by doing freelance photography for my neighbors, but after building up a sizeable group of clients I decided to expand. Currently I still mainly do freelance work, but have also branched out to work for realtors and the Kholer Co. I'm so thankful I've had the opportunity to pursue a passion that I love.