Why I Do Art.. Bridget Zenk

It's so difficult to pinpoint exactly the reason why I'm heavily involved in the arts because art in itself is so difficult to pinpoint. I've just always been a creatively fueled person and come from a very musical family so art is a good outlet for me and my thinking process. Additionally, I'm not always great at articulating my opinions, but I'm a pretty opinionated person so art is instrumental in my expression of those opinions and ideas. As cheesy as it sounds, art feeds my soul. It's a way for me to constantly be creative, problem-solve, and challenging myself, which are things I need in my life to feel like I'm growing as a person. It's also a super neat way to connect and communicate with people. Art can definitely serve as a barrier breaker, which is something that I think is ever pertinent. Overall, I absolutely adore the people I've met through my involvement of the arts and love the life it gives me!

Photo by emileportraits

Abby Ozment 

I love drawing and painting. It's an outlet for a lot of people who can't express themselves to others quite the way they want to. I really like painting because it lets me do that. It lets me express how I'm feeling either with pastels or vibrant colors!

Art Uptown

There is art all around you. Check out these awesome pieces around your town!  Make it an adventure to discover them. If you find any more cool pieces be sure to send us in a picture!

Bridget Zenk

Lily Rose Butterfield